We also provide maintenance services for  websites already in use, minor modifications, banner design or creating a new function. Without contract our support services are charged by the hour (complete or incomplete). Since charges depend on various factors, they are determined individually for each case.

We also offer a contract-based support service with a monthly fee. In this case we determine a number of hours based on mutual agreement that are available for you to use per month on a discount fee. We make a contract for indefinite term, and cost accounting happens according to the followings: if the amount of work exceeds the number of hours determined in the contract, the difference will be charged on normal fee. If the amount of work doesn’t reach the number of hours determined in the contract, the remaining hours can be carried over to the next month and you can use these as extra hours for the monthly fee.

In case you want to keep your homepage up-to-date continually, we suggest you to purchase our contract-based support service for the following reasons:

  • requests of our contract-based clients have high priority so your demands will be met faster
  • inexpensive, because you can enjoy some discounts
  • cost accounting is based on half hours (complete or incomplete)